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Clerk and Recorder, Various Records

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1998-005

Content Description

Very large group of many types of records, including tax sale records, maps of state and federal highway projects, various financial records and reports, deeds to county-owned property, annual reports, special district tax assessments, and much more, gathered at the start of the Archives Program. See Inventory for complete list with dates, and Related Resources for individual series that have been processed and described from this general accession.

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Transferred to the Archives by Recording in 1998. Memorandum of Transfer signed.

Restrictions Apply


Access Restrictions

Notices of Presentation of Report to the Lunacy Commission (1921-1929) may be confidential. Further research required.


  • 1862-1972



82.60 Cubic Feet (113 Volumes, 1000 Sheets)


Appointments of Deputy Sheriffs (1937-1943); Certificates of Appointments (1860s-1939); Brand Certificates (1872-1885); Brand Record, Volume 16 (1877-1899); Certificates of Estrays, Stock Killed, and Receipts (ca. 1868-1879); Deeds of County-Owned Property (ca. 1884-1922); Stock Brand Book, Volume IIA (1885-1898); Stock Brand Index (ca. 1870s- 1890s); District Court Dockets (1886-1911); Court Stenographers Notebook (1905); Judgment Index (1873-?); Justice of the Peace Dockets (1920-1924, 1934-1938); Justice of the Peace Court Case Files (1940s-1950s); Local WWI Inductions Board (1918); Appropriations Ledger (1950); Book of Warrants Issued (1868-1882); Canceled Warrants, Normal Institute Fund (1911-1915); Canceled Warrants, Bonds, and Bond Coupons (1862-1916); Claim Registers (1951, 1956); Clerk and Recorder Salary Rolls (1949); Clerk and Recorder's Receipts for Cash Received (1932-1934); County Clerk's Fee and Cash Books (1892-1934, 1950-1958); Daily Cash Book (1948-1952); Gasoline Tax Refund Reports (1939-1942); General Ledger (1939-1941); List of Claims Allowed (1950); Monthly Financial Reports of County Officials to BCC (1905-1948 w/ gaps); Monthly Financial Reports of County Officials to BCC (1948-1961 [SL 358, boxes 1-5]); Property Inventories (1949-1954); Purchase Order Register (ca. 1956); Railroad Bonds (1873); Register of School Bonds (1872-1962); Reports of Fish and Game Licenses Sold (1927, 1936-1938, 1946); Reports of Expenditures (1950); Semi-Annual Statement to Auditor (1889-1909); Semi-Annual Financial Reports of Clerk and Treasurer (1883-1947 w/ gaps); Semi-Annual Revenue Statements to State Auditor (1862-1961 w/ gaps); Warrant Register (1952); Certificates of Incorporation for Wagon Roads (1866-1874); Certificates of Insurance Company Incorporations (1870s-1880s); Incorporation Files of Golden-Littleton Irrigation District (1908-1915); Incorporation Files (1860s-?); Bureau of Public Roads Maps of Federal Aid Projects (1920s-1940s); Denver Mountain Parks Road Maps (ca. 1916); Photostats of Ditch Plats (undated); State Highway Department Maps of Road Projects (1920s-1930s); Agricultural Statistics (1882-1897); Agricultural Statistics Reports (1882-1888); Bounty Register (1889-1914); Correspondence Returned to Clerk as Undeliverable (1922-1925); Detention Facility Construction Photographs (1983-1984); Golden City & Arapahoe Ditch Company Minutes and Accounts (1876-1879); Monthly Reports of Co. Extension Agent, Home Demonstration Agent, & 4-H Agent (1943-1947); Murphy Mine Daybook (1880-1881); Notice of Papers Served on the Clerk and Recorder (1937); Notices of Presentation of Report to the Lunacy Commission (1921-1929); 1885 State Census; Unorganized Documents, Including Abstracts of Assessment and Financial Reports of Corporations (1860s-1880s); Notary Public Record of William W. Foudey, Buffalo Creek (1882); Planning and Zoning Commission Minutes and Resolutions (1939-1945); Tri-County Planning Commission Monthly Reports (1945-1947); Zoning Maps (1946-1949); Annual Statement of Treasurer to Superintendent of Schools (1889-1940); Annual Report of Superintendent of Schools to BCC (1873-1877 w/ gaps); Reports of Appraisal of School Lands (1878-1887); School Census Records (1895-1949 w/ gaps); Certificates of Levy (1883-1961); Record of Certificates of Attachments and Levy (1863-1878); Sheriff s Certificates of Levy, Sale and Purchase (1867-1938, 1948); Affidavits of Publication of Delinquent Tax Lists (1870-1948); Arvada Sanitary Sewer District No. 1 Assessment Roll (1924-1944); Assessment Roll and Tax Warrant (Commercial Property only?) (1963-1965); Clerk's Tax Sale Books (1870-1972); Delinquent Tax Payment Receipts (1948-1950); Edgewater Sidewalk District No. 6 Assessment Roll (1926-1945); Golden Paving District No. 1 Assessment Roll (1924-1933); Golden Paving District No. 2 Assessment Roll (1925-1944); Golden Sewer District No. 3 Sanitary Sewer Assessment Roll (1924-1943); Golden Trunk Line Sewer District No. 1 Assessment Roll (1924-1943); Mountain View Sidewalk District No. 1 Assessment Roll (1924-1938); North Golden Special Sanitary District No. 2 Assessment Roll (1913-1922); Record of Taxes Collected (1869-1877); South Golden Special Sanitary District No. 1 Assessment Roll (1909-1918); Tax Abatement and Refund Petitions (1914-1925, 1924-1929); Tax Dollar Warrant, ("Tax Roll Proofs") (1965-1967); Tax Lists (1866-1868); Tax Abatement and Refund Petitions (1907-1916); Tax Receipt Books (1876-1881); Monthly Financial Reports of Welfare Department (1947); Monthly Reports to Treasurer of Fines Collected by Justices of the Peace (1956-1957); Monthly Financial Reports of County Court to Treasurer (1924-1937); Monthly Reports of County Clerk to Treasurer (1919-1923); Newspaper Clippings of Treasurer's Semi-Annual Statements (1927-1938); Treasurer's Annual Financial Reports to Public Examiner (1926-1938); Treasurer's Certificates of Purchase (Redeemed) for North and South Golden Sewer Taxes (1915); Treasurer's Check Register (1888-1890); Treasurer's Correspondence (1938-1962); Treasurer's Receipts for Payments (1912); Treasurer's Receipts for Tax Lists Received From Clerk (1868-1877); Treasurer's Record of Warrants Paid (1878-1885); Clerks Monthly Reports on Relief of Poor (1902-1912); Expenditures for Relief of Poor (1910-1932); Hospital Welfare Payments Ledger (1931-1932); Pauper Record (1932-1934); Register of the Poor (1893-1912); Support of Poor Check Stubs (1950-1953)